San Francisco Top College City, Study Claims

Cheers, San Francisco!
The American Institute for Economic Research -- whocj know a good party when it sees one -- have named San Francisco the No. 1 "major metropolitan" city on its College Destination Index.

San Francisco -- actually, the larger San Francisco Bay Area, as the population is listed as 4.3 million -- came out as a high-risk, high-reward place to live.

At $1,760, the city boasted the most expensive average rent of a two-bedroom apartment, according to U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development figures (that sound low, actually). On the other hand, San Franciscans' "earning potential" -- income per capita -- of $62,598 ranked first.

Other criteria: Number of college students per 1,000 residents (San Francisco: 83.6. Boston: 84.7); arts and leisure establishments per every 100,000 residents (S.F.: 43.2. Los Angeles: 91.2); percentage of workers who don't drive to the office (S.F.: 21.6 percent. New York: 38.7 percent); and percentage of city residents in the "creative class" (S.F.: 40.4 percent. Washington, D.C.: 45.2 percent. Does that include government?).

San Francisco finished top of the heap on all of the above measurements and others. Among "small cities," Santa Cruz ranked No. 8 and Santa Rosa No. 19. And among "mid-size metros," San Jose beat out Austin, Texas for the top spot. Draw your own conclusions about the validity of this entire study from that.

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