Women's Baseball-Throwing, Nail File-Stabbing Brawl Broken Up By Police

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Wait until he gets it with the nail file...
A pair of quarreling female roommates found an unusual means to vent their anger on Friday. A bevy of police showed up at the 600 block of Moscow in response to an assault in which one woman, channeling Don Drysdale, hurled a baseball into her roomie's head.

This triggered an all-out physical confrontation, which required the women's other roommates to drag them apart. But it just isn't a bizarre, woman-on-woman roommate violence police call until someone gets stabbed with a nail file.

The baseball-tossing roommate threatened to stab the "victim" -- and quickly made good on the promise, jamming a nail file into her roomie's abdomen.

The baseball-hurling, nail file-stabbing roommate was taken into custody and booked at Ingleside Station for aggravated assault and weapons charges.

Our calls to the San Francisco Police Department for a little play-by-play have not yet been returned.

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