'Rapping Weatherman' Nick Kosir Hired By KRON

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The rapping weatherman brings it ... to San Francisco
Rich Lieberman's Media 415 site is reporting that KRON is hiring a new weatherman. Now, talent comes and goes (mostly goes) with brutal regularity here in the world of Bay Area televised news. But what makes this internecine media report of a personnel move interesting -- jaw-dropping, really -- is that KRON has purportedly hired Nick Kosir, the net-famous "rapping weatherman."

Our calls to KRON management have not yet been returned; neither has a call to Kosir's agent and an e-mail to Kosir. But our online search for "rapping weatherman" returned a bounty of delightful clips.

Highlight/lowlight: "There's a slight chance for rain all over this map/from Lake Charles on over to Anahuac."

Ah. He moonwalks, too.

Not sure how this'll play in the Bay Area.

Verdict: He's no worse a rapper than Gerardo. But would Bay Area viewers tune in to watch Gerardo do the weather? We'll find out.

Update, 11 a.m.: Kosir's agent, John Derr, says he can't comment on the rapping weatherman's status with KRON right now. But he hopes to be able to give us some news later today or tomorrow.

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