Rapping Weatherman Nick Kosir Quits on San Francisco

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The Rapping Weatherman is M.I.A.
Not long ago, SF Weekly reported that KRON-TV had gone and hired Nick "The Rapping Weatherman" Kosir -- but wouldn't let him rap.

It turns out, however, that Kosir's tenure in San Francisco was not unlike a summer storm: It was brief, tempestuous, and left everyone soaked.

KRON's general manager is seething, charging Kosir with pulling off "the most unprofessional thing I've seen in 28 years in the business." The Rapping Weatherman purportedly quit on just his second day on the job, claiming he "didn't like San Francisco." This, of course, makes Kosir a W.W.A -- a Weatherman Wit' an Attitude. 

Messages left for Kosir and his agent have not yet been returned. But KRON boss Brian Greif was more than willing to vent. He claims Kosir shocked his colleagues by calling it quits after "a whopping four days here" -- despite having signed a two-year pact.

But, Grief continued, the "real story" is that Kosir's wife "had been hitting us up for a job, too. We didn't think she was ready for this market. ...His former boss in Beaumont [Texas] had been transferred to a station in Twin Falls, Idaho. So, his solution was, she's not happy because she can't find a job, so I'll give you both jobs in Twin Falls. She can be the weekend anchor and you can be the weather guy. ... [Kosir] skipped out on a two-year deal so she could have a job."

When asked if Twin Falls management would do what he would not -- let the Rapping Weatherman rap -- Greif replied, "I hope so. I hope he raps. I hope she raps. I hope everybody raps in Twin Falls, Idaho."

Multiple messages for John Derr, Kosir's agent, have not yet been returned. But SF Weekly did get pick up an e-mail purportedly penned by the agent to Greif following the Rapping Weatherman's quick exit:

Thank you for the update. I will contact Nick and the other GM and advise them to both contact you. I agree the responsible and professional thing for both of them to do is to contact you with an offer to dissolve the contract obligation.

Again, I'm sorry about this entire episode! I really am sick to my stomach about it and angry as hell! I feel betrayed by Nick's actions. This is not the way my company does business!
Sadly, it appears Bay Area viewers will never know what rhymes Kosir could have spun off of "disco" and "San Francisco."

Update, 8:59 a.m. Tuesday: Rich Lieberman is reporting that Kosir didn't leave KRON because it wouldn't employ his wife but simply because he wasn't "impressed" with the station.

SF Weekly, meanwhile, spoke with an insider familiar with the situation who confirmed KRON's story that Kosir left because the station wouldn't give his wife, Danielle Kosir, a gig. Kosir hasn't returned our calls, and his agent, John Derr, would only say Kosir left KRON "for personal reasons."

Derr did confirm, however, that Kosir initiated talks with a TV station in Twin Falls, Idaho, on his own volition. "I got him the deal in San Francisco. He's talking to another station," says the agent. Derr says he still feels the same way he did when he penned the aforementioned e-mail to Greif. "I understand where Nick is coming from. But all of this should have been figured out before he agreed with KRON."

When asked if he'll continue to represent Kosir, Derr replied "At this point, I am. But I really don't know going forward. He's put me in a bad position, I'll say that."

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