'Rapping Weatherman' Nick Kosir Hired By KRON -- But He Won't Be Rapping

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You won't be seeing anything like this from Nick Kosir on KRON. You may see sunny weather, though.
KRON general manager Brian Greif confirmed to SF Weekly that he has, indeed, hired Nick Kosir, the "Rapping Weatherman." But Kosir will have to find a new nickname -- and won't likely be telling viewers "It's time to rhyme" -- as he will not be rapping on KRON.

"He's been hired. He isn't going to be rapping," says Greif. "What works in his current market may not work in San Francisco. Weather is very serious to us."

Pity: The man who uttered the line "There's a slight chance for rain all over this map/from Lake Charles on over to Anahuac" had inspired us to start an office pool regarding the first time he rhymed "San Francisco" with "Disco."

"We didn't hire him to be the rapping weather guy," continued Greif. "He's very good on-air. He has a good personality -- without having to rap. He knows weather. He's proven himself to be very flexible."

That being said, Greif was not willing to rule out the possibility of Kosir rapping on KRON sometime in the future. But not right now. "I can't say he'll never rap or do a lighthearted segment," said the GM. "But we want him telling people what the weather is like today, hour by hour. If we find an opportunity or something to do lighter-hearted stuff, we'll allow him to do that.

"We don't want anybody getting the idea we saw him and said, 'Let's have him rap the weather every morning,'" continued Greif. "He's going to come in and deliver weather the way viewers have told us they want it delivered."

You hear that, non-Rapping Weatherman? San Franciscans want it warm, but not too warm, and not cold, except when it's warm. You got that?

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