Phil Davison, Legend

Internet meme Phil Davison has received high praise from a man who used to work for one
Like many users of this here Internet, I was transfixed by video of Phil Davison attempting to wrest away the Republican nomination for treasurer of Stark County, Ohio.

Stark County seems a nice enough place -- but it's a long way from San Francisco. This story became locally relevant, however, when former Gavin Newsom spokesman Nathan Ballard dubbed Davison's entree into net fame "the craziest political speech ever." Considering Ballard's old boss said some astounding things, the man's assessment carries weight.

We could try to describe Davison pacing back and forth behind the lectern like a caged panther; bellowing his own name with a bizarre vitriol that seems to terrify even him; cracking his voice as he channels every over-the-top high school football coach; and, perhaps best of all, pausing, unnaturally, before announcing he holds a "Master's in Communication," in the midst of the Ed Wood flick of political speeches.

Or we could just show it to you.

Stark, by the way, did not receive the nomination. And, regarding the speech made by Ballard's old boss, it hasn't happened yet, whether we like it or not.

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