PG&E Calls for 'Green' Rate Increase

Gee, Reddy, seven cents doesn't seem so bad to save the planet
The list of companies opposing Prop. 23, a measure that would knock down California's 2006 anti-greenhouse gas law, reads like a Who's-Who of the sort of high tech and outdoorsy companies that usually line up behind environmentally-friendly ideas. Think Google, Patagonia, Virgin America, Warner Bros., PG&E...

Wait a minute, how'd PG&E get in there? The 2006 act aims to reduce carbon monoxide emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, and pays for itself by charging a fee to companies that produce greenhouse gas emissions. As a gas and electric company, PG&E is all about producing greenhouse gas emissions. But they can take a "green" position on Prop. 23 because they're going to pass the costs of the 2006 measure on to you, the ratepayers.

Greenie Kilowatt.JPG
That's Greenie Kilowatt to you, sir!
This month, the company informs customers in a bill insert that it asked state regulators for permission to hike gas and electricity rates in order to pay for the implementation of the greenhouse gas law.

The oil companies backing Prop. 23, which would gut the 2006 initiative, have warned that cutting greenhouse gasses is costly and will kill California jobs.

Under PG&E's proposed new rate hike, PG&E ratepayers will be dinged an additional 0.0013 percent on their electricity bills and 0.1 percent on their gas. Given the average customer pays around $77 per month, that comes out to less than 8 cents per month we'll have to kick in for implementation of the state's anti-greenhouse gas law.

So, you pay a few pennies -- and PG&E gets to sit at the cool kids' table.

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