Muni Subway Delays -- Happy Monday!

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It's not rapid, but it's still transit
A snafu requiring all Muni trains to remain in manual mode in the Metro tunnel is leading to long delays -- and perhaps a few frayed nerves.

A signal cable between Montgomery and Civic Center stations was severed -- Muni is unsure how, but "likely something hanging from the train," according to agency spokesman Paul Rose. As a result, trains are crawling inbound while outbound service to West Portal is being handled by bus shuttles.

The malfunction has led to trains being lined up along the Embarcadero, and Twitter-users claim many passengers have simply decided to hoof it to work. Those to or from Mission Bay are advised to take buses rather than trains -- or, you know, hoof it.

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Rose estimated the heavy delays and unpleasantries would continue for another hour or two.

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