Meg Whitman Plays Haplessness Card For Hiring Illegal Immigrant, Running Porn Empire

I have no idea how I ended up in this outfit...
Meg Whitman has responded to allegations that she kept an illegal immigrant maid for nine years by saying she was powerless and ignorant in the face of a complex and vexing issue.

This wouldn't be the first time the aspiring governor of California entered a plea of haplessness in connection with an issue of hypocritical concern to her conservative constituency.

Unusually for a rising-star Republican, ex-eBay CEO Whitman can be counted as one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in the area of fetish pornography.

Under Whitman's stewardship, an entire adults-only realm of eBay was created to house the pornography and other sexual items that gross the company millions. Left unsaid in [Rival Steve] Poizner's ad, incidentally, is that the adult film tapes and DVDs bought and sold on eBay are often extreme niche porn -- fetishization, elderly people, etc. -- catering to a very select audience not adequately served by the vast ocean of porn available online. 

In January we wrote about discontent among workers at eBay's Salt Lake City-area call center. They didn't enjoy serving customers concerned about the quality of their Strap On Cyberflesh Hollow Extension Dong, or the resolution on their DVD of Blond Cougar from Down the Street Fucks Like a Teen.

One of the Mormon call center employees was so pissed off that he sued, obtaining a deposition from Whitman in which she claimed she was aware of concerns about her porn site. Also deposed was one of Whitman's top underlings, who described his boss' stance in a manner remarkably similar to the way she's dealt with allegations from her ex-housekeeper Nicky Diaz. In both cases, she has claimed the issues at hand were simply beyond her grasp as a manager. In the case of immigration, she apparently didn't know how to find out if an employee's documents were legit. And at eBay, she seems to have run a fetish pornography empire because, well, she didn't know how not to.

Scott Newman, former eBay vice president of customer support ... emphasized that the Adult Only section posed a quandary for Whitman. "There was a lot of concern whether we should continue having a mature audiences site or not," he said. Whitman "had often gone on the record saying, 'I wish we hadn't started that thing.' But it was kind of like, now it's out of the bag, and to stop it would have caused kind of a big deal, I guess, with the sellers who made their living on the 'mature' site."

As immigrant-lovers who also don't mind porn, we have no problem with Whitman's lenient stances on immigration and horny cougars. We can only hope that once she reaches the statehouse, she uses her well-worn Howdy Doody defense on other issues dear to conservatives.

Cut taxes? I wouldn't know where to start. Close state parks? What are those? Discriminate against gays? The cat is kind of out of the bag on treating people equally, and to stop it would cause kind of a big deal.

What's not to like about that?

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