Massive Explosion Burns San Bruno Neighborhood (PICS)

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A thunderous blast instantly scorched at least 20 San Bruno homes, and ignited a conflagration that has consumed an entire neighborhood.

Flames are still raging in San Mateo County, hours after the 6 p.m. blast. Initial rumors blamed a plane crash but neighborhood residents  -- near Skyline and Sneath, west of I-280 --are now telling media that a gas odor has pervaded the area for days, or even weeks.

At least 15 people have been transported to local hospitals for treatment -- some wearing the only clothes they have left. It is not known how many people have died.

Update, 10:45: PG&E has confirmed that one of its subterranean gas pipes ruptured and subsequently exploded. The latest numbers from KCBS radio -- One confirmed fatality and reports of bodies found in several other devastated homes; at least two dozen injuries; and a minimum of 53 homes destroyed.

Also, at least one count of a moron pretending to be a PG&E employee and punking KRON:

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fire 03.jpg

The noxious smell of smoke and burned wood can be detected even a ways from the burned area; your humble narrator got a lungful of it at San Francisco Airport just a few minutes ago. 

The view of the fire from San Francisco's McLaren Park

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