Manholes Explode in San Francisco -- Rough Day for PG&E

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This neighborhood is goin' straight to hell...
Yesterday's Dresden-like scenes in San Bruno following the rupture and explosion of a subterranean PG&E natural gas pipe have dominated the news -- and rightly so. Perhaps the takeaway from this disaster is that it's going to take more than a 72-hour supply of tuna fish and flashlight batteries to make it through the next major earthquake.

So it almost comes as an afterthought that an underground PG&E fire blew a couple of manholes skyward this morning. By the way, if this sounds familiar -- it should.

Blogger Dave Schumaker did everyone a public service by compiling a quick list of all the "PG&E fire down below" stories of the past few years:

Manhole blast.jpg
Obviously, PG&E has its hands full out in San Bruno. But, considering underground fires and flaming municipal property being projected into the air probably have people on edge around here, some work on this matter -- public relations-wise and actual -- is probably called for.

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