LovEvolution Closed -- Library Open

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James Cohen
These people aren't celebrating the library not having to close this year...
You can have a loud techno-disco-sexy party for young people wearing gold lamé costumes. Or you can run a library. But you can't do both.

This year, there will be no LovEvolution festival in San Francisco. But you can look for information about the fest -- and the trampling deaths of 21 people in Germany that prompted city officials to bar the festival from Civic Center Plaza -- at San Francisco's Main Library. Last year, the loud party led to the Main Branch's closure. No such worries now.

LovEvolution's organizers actually compensated the library last year -- library officials weren't able to immeditaely recall how much money changed hands (and the person who negotiated the deal is out of town).

But it wasn't enough money to make any library personnel wish there was a big, loud party in the heart of downtown this year attended by elaborately costumed, seminude inebriates. 

Love Fest.jpg
James Cohen
Oh, good Lord...
"I think it's better for us to be open," says library spokeswoman Michelle Jeffers. "Really, we're here to serve the public."

No, you won't have the same experience at the Main Library you would at LovEvolution. But getting into the library is free. Last year, you had to cough up $10 for any love.

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