Abductor of Lefty O'Doul's Arm to Return to Scene of Crime Tonight

The real Lefty was not harmed during this stunt
This just in: Apparently the Midwestern roustabout who ripped the arm off renowned San Francisco bar mascot Lefty O'Doul some three years ago is returning to the scene of his original act of mutilation tonight -- for a party.

Don't worry, folks. This isn't Burning Man, and Lefty O'Doul is not a living person who was maimed for kicks. He's a familiar mannequin at the Union Square watering hole that bears his name. (Bar and effigy alike take their name from the 20th-century baseball great who made his home in San Francisco.) The aforementioned tourists absconded with his left arm in 2007, and last summer, the arm was mailed back.

In the interim, the arm apparently saw quite a lot of action during a tour of the Midwest, which its guardians documented through photographs, Amélie style.

Tonight, perpetrator Doug Kintzle will swing by Lefty's at 7 p.m. to admire his reintegrated victim and throw back a few cold ones, according to publicist Lee Houskeeper. An employee at Lefty's confirmed that the Iowan who ran off with the arm will be there. Want to chat with the guy who pulled off the crime of the century? You know where to head for a drink.

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