District Attorney Kamala Harris Makes Oprah's 2010 'O Power List'

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Big guns are backing Kamala Harris
District Attorney Kamala Harris is nothing if not resilient in her campaign to be elected California's next attorney general. Just when she's getting slammed in the press for hypocritically holding on to a convicted felon's campaign donations, Harris' campaign releases a piece of news sure to buoy her AG prospects: Oprah is in her corner!

That's right: Harris has been admitted to the elite club of playas in "The 2010 O Power List," a bunch of women whom Oprah, um, thinks are powerful. Harris' entry is titled "The power of taking a stand," and highlights her anti-truancy initiative.

Meanwhile, those alarmingly low felony trial conviction rates we reported on in May got nary a mention. How 'bout it, Oprah: "The power of failing to secure convictions in double-murder cases?" (Incidentally, our favorite on the Power List is undoubtedly Command Sergeant Major Teresa King, whose category is "The power of power." King's pull-quote: "I just want people to be able to fly.")

Come to think of it, it was during the grand Harris media meltdown of early summer -- much of the negative attention focused on her office's mishandling of a scandal at the city's crime lab -- that Harris got another big celebrity boost: the endorsement of Tyra Banks. Now, Tyra, may have her naysayers, but Oprah? Steve Cooley just might find himself outgunned at this fight.

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