The Joy of Google Instant Search (Pics)

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Earlier today, we took Google Instant Search out for a test drive. It accelerated fine, handled the corners well -- and wouldn't return "instant" results for words like "pornography" but had no trouble spitting out links for, say, "Holocaust."

Porn, you see, is offensive.

Google's newest effort to get you home to your spouse and kids 10 seconds earlier has a number of quirks that may or may not ever get worked out. To wit:

Let's say you're looking up "sex." Hey, nothing wrong with that! Without sex, you wouldn't be here -- unless you're a test-tube baby. But, still, when you punch in the letters S-E-X, virtually the entire first page is swamped by links to Sex and the City pages.

My God -- that's disgusting! This is my work computer here!

Rsz-google sex.JPG

It's also entertaining to watch Google rejigger your searches from, say, "Cop"

Rsz-google cop.JPG

...To "Copu..."

Rsz-google copu.JPG
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