Good, Bad, and Ugly of Sporting Weekend

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Smile and the world smiles with you, Tim
With college and professional football kicking off and baseball's pennant races rounding third, 'tis the season for sports junkies to never leave the couch. By the way, here are a few phone numbers for local divorce attorneys -- if, you know, this is a problem.

In any event, the couch-bound had plenty to be joyous and not-so-joyous about this weekend -- but there was no bigger news than the San Francisco Giants' huge series in San Diego.

With three wins in four games, the Giants moved into a dead heat for first place in the National League West. For San Francisco fans petrified their team would fold at the worst possible time, this weekend was something of a revelation. Faced with the choice of "get busy living or get busy dying," the Giants lived --  capping off the series by thumping San Diego yesterday behind another solid outing by rejuvenated staff ace Tim Lincecum. That may be the best news of all.

Bay Area college football fans had it easy this weekend. Stanford opened up the Pac-10 season by booting UCLA, 35-0, while Cal scored 52 points for the second consecutive week by defeating Colorado, 52-7. (To the drunken pack of Colorado fans on the BART train at 11:15 a.m. on a Saturday: Thank you for spending money in our town).

<br/><a href="" target="_new"title="Highlights: Colorado - California">Video: Highlights: Colorado - California</a>

And, finally, the bad/ugly news: Giants outfielder Andres Torres is likely done for the regular season after undergoing an appendectomy. Meanwhile, the Bay Area's pro football teams just played as if they needed surgery.

The Oakland Raiders pulled a JaMarcus, falling 38-13 at Tennessee. Meanwhile, the 49ers -- everyone's trendy NFC West pick -- gave up 31 unanswered points in a 31-6 upset. This game reminded your humble narrator of the English national soccer team's 1-1 tie with the United States in the World Cup. That star-studded squad had powered through the qualifying matches and was hailed as a cup contender. Yet, after one lackluster game, the vitriolic (and, it seems, more than a little insecure) British press came to a consensus: We're just not very good.

The jury remains out on just how good or bad the 49ers are. But this much is for sure: Watching this game made my appendix hurt.

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