San Francisco Giants: How Low Can They Go?

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How many games can Buster Posey win by himself? How many more games?
Last night's minimalist, 1-0 San Francisco victory over the Chicago Cubs was the epitome of the team's largely self-applied slogan: "Giants Baseball: Torture." If last night is any indication, the 11 games remaining in the team's regular season will be agonizing, wear-out-the-floors-with-pacing, bite-your-knuckles-until-they-bleed affairs. Could it be any other way?

Two other questions regarding the first-place Giants: How many games do they need to win to make the postseason? And how many runs will the offensively challenged club score in the next 11 contests?

Readers are free to offer their predictions. Your humble narrator thinks the team can't win fewer than seven games -- but fears it may need to go 8-3. As for how many runs the Giants will score in 11 games, the Giants have a tendency to score like mad between a spate of 2-1 or 1-0 games. I predict eight games totaling 16 runs and three games with 21 for a grand total of 37. But more would be nice, no?

If things work out, the agony will continue to the National League Division Series, National League Championship Series, and, perhaps, the trauma-inducing World Series. A fan can hope.

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