George Lopez Hosting Kamala Harris Cocktail Soiree -- You Can Still Make It!

George Lopez Kamala Harris!.jpg
We laughed. We cried...
For Attorney General candidate Kamala Harris, it's either up, up, up, or down, down, down.

She spent much of this summer suffering the slings and arrows of her spectacular mishandling of the city's crime lab drug scandal. After attempting to nail Republican rival Steve Cooley to the wall for his acceptance of a sleazeball felon's money, this week it came out that Harris had failed to return a campaign donation from an equally sleazy felon. Down, down, down.

But, yesterday, San Francisco's photogenic district attorney was tapped for Oprah Winfrey's "O Power List" (A digression: Does anyone need to use Oprah's last name anymore? Shouldn't she just chuck it like Bono?). And, at this very moment, she's being literally wined and dined by George Lopez at a cocktail fund-raiser. Up, up, up! And if you hurry, you can still make it!

Before you grab your jacket and head out the door to the late-night party, know these two things:

  • You gotta have at least $500 dollars to throw in Kamala's kitty to get in (convicted felons may or may not be acceptable. It depends.);

  • You gotta be in the vicinity of Studio City.

If Harris does indeed win the Attorney General's race, it's a good bet Lopez' forethought in hosting this fund-raiser will keep him from being prosecuted for his crimes against comedy. Down, down, down.

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