Fiona Ma Strikes Again -- on Twitter

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Fiona Ma, left, has an interesting way of putting things
It's not for nothing that Assemblywoman Fiona Ma was crowned San Francisco's Best Political Tweeter. It was for shit. No, literally, for shit. The westside pol's series of tweets on bat guano, a manure-shoveling politician, and explosive bovine diarrhea won her legions of fans (in this office).

But now Ma has hit new heights. Take in the following beat poetry-ready tweet:

Brine 2 pickle precipitates salt. Say ten x fast. Salt doesn't spoil/need rain. Landing @ SFO, the red colored flats are harvest ready.

One of our colleagues suggested this be read by William Shatner to a bongo accompaniment.

We've lost Shatner's cell number. But we have queried Ma what, exactly, was up with that last tweet. More when we know more.

Update, 12:55 p.m.: That was fast. From Fiona Ma:

Now that we're out of session, I'm back on my Agriculture Tours. My goal: learn about the 400 commodities we produce in CA.  

This morning, I did a tour of Cargill Salt at their Redwood City site.  I tasted a raw salt rock...tastes like...salt but stays on the lips a long time. Still taste it now after 3 hrs.

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