DPW Crew Caught Shopping, Applying Makeup While Parked in Bus Zone

Njon Weinroth
Not in the bus zone!
It turns out, regardless of who you work for, there are only three good reasons to park in a bus zone: You're a bus; there's an emergency going on; or you're a scofflaw.

Sadly, it appears a Department of Public Works employee or employees caught on film by an irate, camera-wielding citizen are in the latter category.

Njon Weinroth was helping out with a photoshoot Sunday in Hayes Valley. When he saw a woman laden with plastic shopping bags full of food, he thought she needed the bus shelter -- and he asked the model being photographed within it to clear out. But he was surprised when the woman instead hopped behind the wheel of the hulking Department of Public Works truck situated in the bus zone.

Njon Weinroth
Over the next five or 10 minutes, Weinroth watched the woman's passenger apply makeup and banter with the three other people sitting in the back seat. Then they took off.

DPW spokeswoman Christine Falvey confirmed that, yes, you're not supposed to do this -- just as she did when a shutterbug caught DPW personnel parked in the bus zone earlier this year. Unless the shoppers and makeup-appliers are repeat offenders, Falvey said, they'll likely get off with a warning or "counseling." Habitual offense, however, can lead to termination.

Those not working for the city, meanwhile, are subject to a $255 fine.

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