Can You ID Woman Found Dead in Motel Parking Lot (Pics)?

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Look familiar?
For the first time ever, the San Francisco medical examiner's office has disseminated sketches of a dead person it just can't identify.

"Our goal is to get our Jane and John Does identified. And we've had very few calls on this person," says Alan Pringle, the medical examiner's chief investigator. The woman in question was about 40, stood 5-foot-8, and weighed 129 pounds. She was found in the wee hours of July 16 in the parking lot of the Presidio Inn at 2361 Lombard Street -- and her cause of death, like her identity, has not yet been determined. "We know nothing more about her now than we did then," says Pringle. "That is very little, unfortunately."

The ME's forensic artist prepared four sketches:

While the forensic artist often has to estimate how a decomposed body would have looked in life, that wasn't necessary in this case, Pringle says. These sketches were made of a woman who had only just passed away. The medical examiner's office, however, chose to issue sketches to the public due to obvious concerns arising from publicizing photographs of a corpse.


The woman had wavy brown and gray hair about 16 inches long. She was wearing a blue sweatshirt, several T-shirts, green cargo pants, black Teva sandals, and a pink baseball cap bearing the legend "Roadside Lumber & Hardware Inc." She had no jewelry, tattoos or identifying scars.


If these pictures ring a bell, the chief medical examiner can be reached at (415) 553-1694.

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