Damir Shalako -- Tatooed Face, No Shirt -- Wanted for Rape

Damir Shalako, wanted for rape
The San Francisco Police have put out the hue and cry for a most distinctive man. Damir Shalako, 25, is 5-foot-8 with brown eyes and black hair. Also -- excellent possibility he has no shirt. And there's an "SF" tattoo on his face just under his right eye. And many other tattoos (which you'll certainly notice if he has no shirt).

Shalako is wanted in connection with a rape, robbery, and beating that took place at noon today in the Potrero Hill Housing Authority Development.

Police believe the parolee from Santa Rosa County Jail has family in the city and "associates" in Susanville. The police also think it's likely he will be frequenting public transportation.

Anyone who sees this man is urged to call 911. Those with more information on his alleged crime are encouraged to call the SFPD sex crimes unit at (415) 553-1361 or the Bay Area Regional Information Crime Center at (415) 553-1071.

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