Guy in Bear Suit Survives Cal-Nevada Game. Cal Doesn't.

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Guy in a bear suit catches the attention of media in Reno...
On Friday we wondered how a local guy in a bear suit would fare at the Cal-Nevada football game in Reno. Now we have our answer: Better than the Bears.

"Even after they kicked the shit out of us, people were very gracious," said "Leroy," the guy in the bear suit. "I probably had 30 or 40 people who wanted to take a picture with me. It was a blast."

Indeed, if you were a Cal fan, spotting the guy in the bear suit was probably the most entertaining part of your weekend. 

Leroy, incidentally, was embedded among more than 40 Nevada-supporting friends and relatives -- so he was free to be as obnoxious as he desired to the home fans. But "even if I'd been by myself, I think I'd have been okay."

Bear suit interview 02.jpg
Not necessarily the 9 o'clock news indeed...

Nevada fans, he says, are not only gracious winners, they also keep things in proportion. They don't see the need to get into a fist fight with a guy in a bear suit regarding a game they have no control over.

Making friends and influencing people...
Finally, two things about wearing a bear suit to a ballgame, one pleasant and one not so pleasant:

First, a bear suit is not comfortable: "Oh, Jesus, it was hot. Ridiculously hot. Insanely hot." But a bear suit is a fantastic way to meet members of the opposite sex. Leroy is off the market. But this sartorial lesson something he regrets he didn't learn sooner. "I could have been worldwide."

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Meet interesting people!

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