Burning Man Ends, and S.F. Supervisor Eric Mar Returns Home

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Eric Mar isn't the first S.F. supe to go to Burning Man. But he was the first to go to Mars.
The smoke is rising from Burning Man, and its participants are straggling back into town. Hardware store workers, lawyers, and architects are heading back to so-called "real life." And, if you live in the Richmond District, so's your elected supervisor.

Supervisor Eric Mar has informed his Facebook friends that he has returned from Black Rock City: "Had a great 'burn' in the black rock desert 'metropolis' - my maiden voyage."

The supervisor hasn't yet returned SF Weekly's calls -- hey, it was late and he was probably tired. But, according to our sources, he's not the first San Francisco supe who can put "burner" on his resume. 

Our calls to Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi haven't been returned. But that photogenic fellow with the low voice out in the desert who might have had a thing or two to say about plastic bags -- yeah, that was him. Or so we've been told by several people who oughtta know. 

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Other than Mirkarimi, former Board President Aaron Peskin couldn't identify any board burners. But he has been to the Playa -- sort of. "I was working for a nonprofit buying land at Soldier Meadows, which is North of Black Rock," he says. "I have a picture of me and my wife embracing in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, years before Burning Man even knew where Nevada was."

Finally, it warrants mentioning that the supervisor representing La Playa -- La Playa Street -- is Carmen Chu. But while Chu has certainly been to La Playa, it's a pretty safe bet she hasn't been to the Playa

Update, 9:55 a.m.: Ross Mirkarimi notes that while he did attend Burning Man in the 1990s, he was not yet elected supervisor -- and it was still being held in San Francisco. That means that Eric Mar may yet be the first sitting supe to attend Burning Man -- and do so in Black Rock City.

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