Top 10 Reasons Bill Clinton Endorsed Jerry Brown

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Jerry Brown Portrait.jpg
Jerry Brown's official gubernatorial portrait. Yes, really.
One day after Jerry Brown felt the need to apologize for making light of President Bill Clinton's past as a lying philanderer, the latter endorsed the former for governor of the great state of California. What gives?

10. Bill just doesn't find Meg Whitman attractive

9. Jerry needs opportunity to come up with new gubernatorial portrait to make up for this one from his first go-round

8. Bill was promised he'd get Linda Ronstadt's digits

7. Conspiracy theorists point to Vince Foster/Ron Brown treatment of 72-year-old Jerry Brown -- leading to ascendancy of Gov. Gavin Newsom

6. Actually, Clinton is hoping his endorsement does as much for Brown in 2010 as it did for Newsom in 2009

5. It takes more than referring to Bill Clinton as a lying philanderer to get him upset. Good thing.

4. Jerry forced to sit patiently, for hours, reviewing photos of Chelsea Clinton's wedding. "Yes, Bill, she was glowing..."

3. Turns out Meg Whitman is just H. Ross Perot in a big, goofy rubber suit. You don't ever see those two together, do you?

2. Actually, Jerry Brown's can-do attitude, wealth of experience, and sensible policies were just too much for Clinton to resist. Honest!

1. Clinton has Brown on his ESPN Fantasy Politics team

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