Beer Truck Overturns, Ruins Morning Commute

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When beer trucks lose their load during commute hours, we all lose
Tragedy has enveloped both beer-drinkers and commuters today in the Bay Area. A truck carrying a purported 43,000 pounds of beer has hit an embankment and overturned on Highway 17. Its precious, precious payload is now leaking along the road.

Southbound lanes are blocked, and the beer will have to be offloaded to another truck on scene. San Franciscans attempting to get an early start on Labor Day Weekend plans in Santa Cruz -- which almost certainly involved beer -- have now had their plans dashed, by beer.

It is unclear how much beer was irretrievably lost in the accident and is now trickling down Highway 17. But, to answer the natural question of "How much beer is 43,000 pounds?":

  • A bottle of beer weighs about 1.33 pounds: So that'd be about 32,250 bottles, which is 5,375 six-packs

  • A can of beer weighs about 0.82 pounds: That comes to around 52,440 cans, or 8,740 sixers

  • A keg weighs 162 pounds -- so that's about 265 of them.

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