Mattel Launches News Anchor Barbie

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Putting the "fox" back in Fox News.
Just when you thought certain airheads on network cable news couldn't get anymore plastic, Mattel has immortalized the entire profession with its very own Barbie. Actually she won in the inaugural global vote. While the popular vote went toward a computer engineer, the "girls' vote" wanted a TV anchor. Mattel has delivered on both.

Her name: "Barbie I Can Be...News Anchor Doll." (Rather unwieldy for the bottom of a TV screen;  we'll stick with NAD for short.) Her slogan: "A flair for journalism -- and power pink!" (Was that on her resume?) Her price: $12.99. (Real journalists can't be bought, NAD.)

Still, Mattel was smart in making NAD a TV journalist and not your average lady print journo --  whose idea of fashion often veers more towards flip-flops than stiletto pumps (at least in this newsroom).

NAD carries her own microphone and notepad -- the website warns "CHOKING HAZARD" -- and wears her peroxided bottle-blonde tresses bluntly cut into your standard TV anchor bob. Then there's the outfit. Oh, the outfit -- worthy of a turn on Mad Men -- a black flirty top under a bubblegum pink suit coat and ruffled skirt hitting very far above the knee, indeed. Don't even get us started on the black stilettos adorned with pink bows ... though, evidently, they'd be hidden below her news anchor desk so as not to detract from her journalistic integrity one bit.

You can already start buying NAD online, though she won't be delivered until mid-December, according to Mattel's website. A little late on deadline. But in those heels, we understand.

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