Visitor, Dinged With $50 S.F. Parking Ticket, Writes Angriest City Hall Letter Ever

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Matt Smith
The revolution has started -- with the nastiest City Hall letter of all-time
San Francisco apparently crossed the wrong man when a Department of Parking and Traffic official cited Joe Kautz for parking too far from the curb.

On Aug. 8, Kautz and a friend journeyed to the Castro from his home in San Mateo County, had a good time, left some tips, and came back to Kautz' car to find a $50 ticket. Kautz already had reasons to be stressed out; we featured him in a recent column as one of the homeowners getting the runaround from a federal mortgage relief program.

Apparently the ticket pushed him over the edge. On Aug. 9 Kautz sent what may be the the angriest letter City Hall has ever seen.

As Kautz apparently saw it, the ticket was a vicious attack by a government gone wild. He hints that despite being a gay liberal, he's a candidate for a Tea Party type rebellion: I am having to spend my dwindling energy on this gov't attack on me.I am tired. I am beleaguered man who came to your city and was paid back with the most absurd citation that could be invented to attack tax payers.

Your city HATES its people.It HATES its tourists. We know this because you PUNISH them for living and visiting there. We are many on the brink. Our precious energy should not be squandered on writing these letters.We are rising up...I am fed up with our government HARMING the people it should LEAVE ALONE!

I will have justice and will use whatever means necessary to protect myself from this vicious government. Never would I think I would side with tea party extremists but I am DONE being attacked.

You can read the entire letter here: JoeKautzletter.pdf

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