AC Transit Approves Massive Service Cuts

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Now you see it ... soon you won't
Hefty service cuts is the order of the day in Bay Area transit circles, sadly. Muni came up with some one-time monetary influxes to undo some -- but not all -- of its service cuts. Caltrain may cut its service by half.  And, yesterday, AC Transit followed through on threats to remedy its dire financial situation by drastically reducing service.

AC Transit's board of directors -- all elected, by the way -- voted 7-0 to halve its weekend service and cut four of six overnight lines starting in December. This will ostensibly save $11.1 million and result in the dismissal off 90 union workers.

This comes on the heels of 7.8 percent service cuts in March and planned 7.2 percent cuts next month.

AC Transit blames its dire fiscal situation on reduced funds from service taxes in an economic down time, increasing health care and pension costs for its work force, and a judge's Aug. 2 decision that forced the transit agency to undo work rule and schedule changes until a pending arbitrator's ruling.

Union drivers opposing AC Transit's imposition of that contract staged an apparent "sickout" in July.

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