Washer-Dryer Dispute Erupts Into Family Brawl

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A spat over who threw out whose washer and dryer devolved into a physical scene resembling a Wild West movie bar punch-up last week.

Police were called to the 800 block of Monterey over the weekend after a female resident, her father, and two men who also lived in the building went through the physical spin cycle in an appliance-related disturbance.

The woman, with dad in tow, accused the two dudes of stealing her washer and dryer -- a challenging feat. The two men countered that they'd simply disposed of the washer and dryer at their landlord's orders, and had done so months before.

At this point, physical violence erupted. One of the male roommates claims he was grabbed by the neck and dragged into the hall. The woman, in turn, claims she was the first one pushed. Dad stepped in and was greeted with a choke hold. The woman then claims she leaped upon the back of her dad's attacker, riding him, it would seem, like a mechanical bull.

The final tally: a one-inch scratch on the woman's left shoulder and a two-inch scratch on the neck of the man she accused of stealing her appliances. That's the way things stood when the police rolled up on a "stolen washing and drying machine" call.

All parties thought better of filing any charges. At least when it came to legal consequences, everyone got away ... clean.

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