Want to Adopt One of These Adorable Kittens? Name Your Price.

Jack Daniels the wonderkitty
The miraculous return of Jack Daniels, the bi-coastal, visually impaired kitty has brought plenty of press attention to the San Francisco's SPCA. Adoption applications for Jack Daniels -- who was abducted from San Francisco last year, then identified by a microchip in Harlem last week -- have been flying in. It's got policy-makers at the non-profit animal rescue thinking.

Thanks to the spring being kitten season, and the crappy economy that's left some former house pets to fend for themselves, the SPCA has a cat glut. "It's the perfect cat storm," said SPCA communications manager, Jennifer Lu.

This is Winter
So why not capitalize on the story of Jack Daniels, and get some of the approximately 200 cats and kittens at the shelter into homes? The SPCA is attempting to do that by changing their adoption fee policy. A cat used to cost $100 to adopt (the second cat cost $50). As of yesterday afternoon, people can adopt cats and kittens for whatever they feel is an appropriate price.
Here's Guppy!

To view pictures of more cats, one can visit the SPCA's website. Applications for adopting Jack Daniels are still being accepted, but there's been a ton of interest in him, Lu said. Good luck snagging that pussy.

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