'The Other Guys' Movie Poster -- With Guns -- on Muni Due to Snafu

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This adheres to Muni rules...
Last week, SF Weekly noticed that the version of the movie poster for the Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg cop satire The Other Guys appearing in Muni stations had been disarmed. While the version plastered all over town features the male leads in faux-Hong Kong wire movie poses while brandishing firearms, the one you'll see in a Muni station replaces guns with pepper spray and bare fists.

Muni officials explained to us that the agency's rules for advertising prohibit promoting "the use of firearms" or "imminent lawlessness or violent actions." So it came as a surprise to subsequently see The Other Guys posters -- with guns -- on both Muni shelters and buses. When asked why the standards for advertising in a Muni station are apparently different than those for a bus shelter or bus, Muni spokesman Paul Rose looked into the matter. Now he has an answer: Whoops!

While Muni brass approved the version of the ad featuring Wahlberg putting up his dukes and Ferrell wielding a can of pepper spray, Muni's contractor, Titan Outdoor, placed the gun-toting ads on both shelters and buses. "That ad should not have been posted," says Rose. "The final that we saw included the pepper spray version. These were posted after we saw the other draft."

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...And this does not
Titan Outdoor summarily removed roughly 30 ads featuring firearms on Thursday, and replaced them with the pepper spray version.

Hopefully, the San Francisco denizens who saw the earlier version of the ad won't think Muni promotes firearms, imminent violence, or lawless actions.

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