Is Shelly Denise Jones San Francisco's Most Stylish Bank Robber? (PICS)

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Daly City Police
Shelly Denise Jones is charged with robbing three banks -- in high style
Bus driver drove bus to bank, robbed it, cops say

Daly City Police have released the name and photo of the woman who is purportedly San Francisco's most stylish bank robber: Shelly Denise Jones, 34, of Antioch.

She was arrested in Martinez where she drives a shuttle bus on Thursday, and charged with three bank robberies -- two in the city and one in Daly City. Lieutenant Jay Morena of the Daly City Police Department told SF Weekly that Jones drove her shuttle bus to the Peninsula on July 21 where she used it as the getaway vehicle after robbing the Provident Credit Union on Serra Boulevard.

This fits in with an m.o of unusually distinctive behavior for a bank robber exhibited on July 12 and 16 when she allegedly knocked over a pair of Bank of America branches in the city. It is not known whether Jones used her work bus in those incidents -- but her snappy, distinctive clothes did allow witnesses to give remarkably detailed descriptions of the woman waving around the gun.

Are these women one and the same?
On July 16, folks at the BofA at 5268 Diamond Heights couldn't help but notice her curly brown, shoulder-length hair with distinctive red highlights; sunglasses; a black purse; denim dress; and silver flat sandals. Four days earlier, at 3701 Balboa, witnesses took in the robber's distinctive orange purse.

Bank robber 2.JPG
Is this woman Shelly Denise Jones?
After photos were released to the general public, a tipster provided information leading to Jones' arrest. She remains incarcerated at San Mateo County Jail where she is charged with one count of robbery and an allegation of personal use of a firearm; these charges stem from the Daly City robbery -- San Francisco authorities will extradite and charge Jones later.

Bail is set at $200,000. Jones is scheduled to appear in court in San Mateo County this afternoon.

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