SFPD Spokesman Albie Esparza *Not* the Victim of Road Rage

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Albie is that you?
We couldn't help but notice a Web report earlier today that 52-year-old Albie Esparza was nearly hit with a car, then beaten with a bat and knocked to the ground last night in an apparent road rage incident. Esparza, it was reported, suffered life-threatening injuries.

There's one big problem with this. Albie Esparza is not the victim. And he's not 52. He's a San Francisco police officer too young to remember Dan White shooting Harvey Milk, who gave information about the incident to another news outlet.

"Oh, dear," said fellow spokesperson Lieutenant Lyn Tomioka upon learning that Esparza was confused for the victim. "He'd be very upset about the 52-year-old part. He prides himself on his youthful looks."

Tomioka confirmed that Esparza was "feeling fine." Not so for the victim -- whose name has not been released. He's suffering life-threatening injuries.

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