Bill, Dismissed by Schwarzenegger with 'I F*ck You' Veto, on Gov's Desk Again

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Life in the capitol...
A Tom Ammiano bill authorizing the city to issue bonds related to the development of Pier 70 has cleared the legislature and landed on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk. That's hardly a call for rampant cursing -- yet, the last time this bill reached the governor, it was vetoed -- and the message "I Fuck You" was none-too-subtly gleaned by reading the first letter of every line of the governor's rejection message.

Mathematicians told SF Weekly at the time the odds of this occurring randomly were about one in 2 billion -- not even taking into account that Ammiano had publicly ridiculed the governor by shouting "kiss my gay ass" at him in public. Ammiano, meanwhile, tells us he's hopeful the odds of his "Fuck You Bill" being signed into law are a bit better than that this time around.

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"It got out [of the Legislature] again with bipartisan support, and the interesting thing is, with all that talk about the America's Cup, this could help that bill as well," says the San Francisco assemblyman. "The cup will require a financing structure this bill improves. So we've got our fingers crossed. ... The potential of the cup coming to San Francisco really is a carrot for the state as well."

Ammiano notes that San Francisco is competing for the America's Cup with Italy. When asked how to say "I fuck you" in Italian, he replies "vaffanculo!"

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