Sarah Palin Contract Released: Read it Here

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Lo, the contract is here...
Following this week's ruling that CSU Stanislaus broke the law by fighting to obscure its contract with Sarah Palin, the school has finally disclosed the details behind the former vice presidential candidate's controversial June appearance.

Here's the number you were all waiting for: Palin received $75,000 for three hours' work, in two payments of $37,500. Stanislaus was also on the hook for "expenses for four to include first class airfare for two and unrestricted coach airfare for two." And, as SF Weekly correctly predicted, she stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in Modesto.  

Other interesting details:

  • "...A flash may not be used after the first three minutes of Gov. Palin's remarks ... Local media will be permitted to cover the presentation portion of this event and they are permitted to record the first 3 minutes of Gov. Palin's remarks for b-roll footage (video, no audio)."

  • "The Parties agree that the terms of this Agreement, including its compensation terms, ("Confidential Information") are confidential and should be held in confidence by each party. The Parties shall not publicly disclose any Confidential Information and acknowledge that any breach, negligent or intentional, of this confidentiality shall be deemed a material breach of this Agreement for which the breaching party will be held liable."

  • In the event of Stanislaus chartering a plane, "The private aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger (as defined by interior cabin space) for West Coast events and a Hawker 800 or larger (as defined by interior cabin space) for East Coast events."
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    Disclosing any information about, say, bendy straws, is considered a breach of contract...

  • "All photo opportunities will be considered on a case-by-case basis ... In order to ensure that all guests are able to have their photo taken with speaker the following are the number of clicks as appropriate for length of photo op: 45 min/75 clicks; 60 min/100 clicks; 90 min/125 clicks."

  • "A spotlight directly on the Speaker should be avoided. Unopened bottled still water (2 bottles) and bendable straws are to be placed in or near the wooden lectern. A representative of WSB [Washington Speakers Bureau] or the Speaker's party will open the water at an appropriate time prior to the Speaker's participation in the program."

  • "No Plexiglass or thin lecterns, please. If Speaker is seated on-stage at a table (sic) customer to ensure that the table is skirted."

  • "It is acknowledged that the specific terms and conditions of this Agreement, including without limitation, the amount of compensation to be paid the Speaker and to WSB, and any special requirements of the speaker, are and shall remain proprietary and confidential."

You can read the entire contract here.

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