San Franciscans Throw 'Too Soon' Costume Party

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Friday night, scores of irreverently dressed people gathered at a house on Chattanooga Street in San Francisco. There were a couple of black-faced coal miners, lots of pregnant women, some oiled ninja turtles, and the guy to the right, who came as the premature relationship talk.

"Too Soon!" was the theme of the party, held in honor of several chickens that roamed the backyard of the party house before a recent raccoon attack. (The hosts of the party dressed as their own deceased chickens).

The Snitch was there, walking around in overalls, soot, and a head lamp (all the requisite garb of a Chilean coal miner). Considering they'll be trapped down there another four months, we figured it's definitely way too soon for Chilean miners to be attending house parties.


Most "Too Soon" costumes made jokes of too recent calamities and untimely deaths. But the delightful thing about the "Too Soon" theme is that it is subject to a great variety of interpretations. This woman, who is actually pregnant, had a unique take.


San Francisco apparently is not alone in its willingness to poke fun at recent atrocities. Facebook tells us that a "Too Soon" party went down in L.A. back in April of last year. About 10 months ago, one Yahoo user put out an emergency communique asking for ideas on what to wear as for a "Too Soon" party.

Answers: Michael Jackson. Patrick Swayze. A guy who prematurely ejaculated.

Some premature ejaculations were in attendance at the Chattanooga Street party. The cleverest costume award, however, goes to the "dick tater" pictured below with the premature relationship talk.

It's always too soon for a dick tater.


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