Bookie Site Lays Odds on Same-Sex Marriage

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The folks who will allow you to bet on anything -- really, anything -- are at it again. is laying odds on how many same-sex marriages there will be in California next week:

How many marriage licenses will be issued in California the first week starting August 18th 2010

**Wager is for the first week only and will be graded after.

Over 1,000            66.7% (-200)

Under 1,000          50%   (+100)

Here's what that means:

The good folks who live and die by setting the odds are expecting more than 1,000 same-sex couples will be married next week (and, keep in mind, the stay on Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling doesn't expire until Wednesday evening -- which doesn't leave all that much time to get hitched).

So, if you bet $100 on more than 1,000 licenses being issued -- and it comes to pass -- you'll get a total payout of $150 -- 50 bucks plus your $100 stake.

If you bet on fewer than 1,000 licenses being issued, you're dealing with even odds. You win a buck for every buck you bet.

For what it's worth, SF Weekly talked to multiple legal experts following Walker's ruling, some of whom had predicted exactly what would happen yesterday. None of them dared to predict what would occur in the coming week.

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