Photo of Catholic Church's Stolen Bell Turns Up

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That's not the photo...
We've written a bit about the 600-pound bell stolen from St. Michael's Korean Catholic Church. Inspector Rich Dalton was back at the Broad Street and San Jose Avenue house of worship today, but secretary Soonae "Theresa" Shim says there has been no development in tracking down what could already be a very hefty piece of scrap metal.

"Inspector Dalton said if we had a photograph of the bell, it'd be a big help," Shim said. SF Weekly, meanwhile, has managed to turn up a photo -- suitable for framing.

The shot comes via SF Weekly reader Lyn Moret, who dug it up -- along with many snaps of people dancing, priests with brilliantine in their hair, and buildings previously housing St. Michael's that no longer exist -- from archives at St. Patrick's Seminary in San Mateo.

Stolen bell 01.JPG
Courtesy | Lyn Moret
The stolen bell -- nearly 110 years old and an estimated 600 pounds
The stolen bell was crafted in 1901, and was housed in a bell tower at a different St. Michael's location until 1949. "As a child, I used to actually hear that bell ring," recalls Moret, a member of the congregation from 1960 to 1990. "I only hope it can be recovered."

Scrap metal dealers SF Weekly contacted pegged the bell's value at between $760 and $1,800. No one in his right mind would lug a 600-pound bell to a scrapyard -- but cutting a bell up would be exceedingly difficult without expensive tools.

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