Phone Sex Line Greets FasTrak Callers

FasTrack? No, let's take it slow...
If someone asks you what you're wearing when you phone up FasTrak with queries about your bill -- there's a good reason for that.

In perhaps the most fantastically entertaining transit-related story not involving blow-up dolls being used as carpool commuters, locals dialing up FasTrak were shocked to reach a porn sex talk line: "Hot amateur talk and voice personals, for 99 cents a minute." ("Uhhhh, I drove across the Carquinez Bridge on Monday, and..." "YES! YES! THAT IS SO HOT! MORE!")

Red-faced officials with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission quickly figured out what was going on: If you were a FasTrak early adopter -- "YES! YES! THAT IS SO HOT!" -- the helpline number on your device is, er, no longer valid. Any FasTrak issued after 2002 has the correct number: 1-877-BAYTOLL (229-8655). It is not yet known if the porn line consciously took the old FasTrak number or if this is just a delightful coincidence.

FasTrak device.jpg
Sorry, wrong number...
And here's where we make a disgusting pun about wet and sloppy road conditions. Tip your waitresses!

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