Marijuana Legalization Endorsed by San Francisco Democratic Party

It may not be easy being green. But it was very easy for San Francisco's Democratic Party to give the official thumbs-up to a state proposition that would legalize the green.

Proposition 19, aka Tax Cannabis 2010, won an overwhelming endorsement after San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee president Aaron Peskin told voters to raise their hand and "raise 'em high." Tracked down today, Peskin says this was the vote San Francisco values dictated.

"This is entirely consistent with Proposition 215, which passed overwhelmingly in San Francisco," Peskin says. Marijuana legalization "has the support of a broad spectrum of California, in particular, San Francisco. Its time has come."

Asked by SF Weekly if he'd partake in marijuana if the herb becomes legal, Peskin's response was instantaneous: "I won't stop."

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