Jerry Brown Wants You -- To Put Him on a T-Shirt

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Put that man on a T-shirt. Now!
California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown is no spring chicken. And he needs your fashion advice.

Brown has enough elections under his belt to know the value of lookin' sharp. That's why the man of many hours is calling on his supporters to "help Jerry Brown save California in 2010" by submitting T-shirt designs to Flickr that incorporate a positive message about him. Meaning, it's back to the drawing board if you've already superimposed his head onto a dinosaur.

Though the winning design will be sold on Brown's site, there's no cash prize involved. Instead, the winner will be generously rewarded with the less tangible satisfaction of getting name recognition. Oh yeah, and the satisfaction of helping Brown complete his journey from governor to has-been to weird presidential candidate to mayor of Oakland to attorney general to governor again -- one cotton shirt at a time.

Because we love a good design contest just as much as the next person with passable Photoshop skills, we plan to promptly submit the following entry to Brown's campaign team. Supposing it doesn't win, feel free to buy it directly from the source.

For the artistically inclined, please also feel free to send us your designs -- and send 'em to Jerry, too.

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Taylor Friedman

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