Two More Suspects Arrested in San Francisco IRS Shooting

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Don't mess with the IRS...
Two more alleged muggers are under arrest in the unusual case of an armed IRS agent shooting down her purported attackers.

In addition to the alleged robber hospitalized Thursday morning after taking a bullet to the torso, San Francisco Police announce they've now arrested a suspect who was shot in the leg and another who avoided being struck by bullets. One of the men was armed with a shotgun during the abortive mugging, police say.

At a shade after midnight on Thursday, the trio of alleged muggers attempted to rob the 36-year-old IRS special agent on the 100 block of Marlin Court in Hunters Point, according to the SFPD. That transaction went about as poorly as any ill-conceived attempt to wrest away money from the Internal Revenue Service, however.

All three suspects are facing robbery charges. SFPD spokesman Sergeant Troy Dangerfield said the man with the shotgun will likely face stiffer charges.

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