How was IRS Agent Who Shot Alleged Mugger 'On Duty'?

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Don't mess with the IRS...
The news that an on-duty IRS special agent shot an alleged mugger at around midnight this morning in Hunters Point was something of a head-scratcher. Sure, armed IRS special agents investigate money-laundering, fraud cases, and ponzi schemes. But how many ponzi schemes are there going on at midnight in Hunters Point? And how wise was it to send an agent to that part of town by herself -- the agent is a 36-year-old woman -- at that time of day?

The situation becomes a bit clearer, however, when one learns how the IRS defines the term "on duty."

IRS special agent and public information officer Arlette Lee confirmed that, hypothetically, if one is on his or her way to a government vehicle, he or she is "on duty" while walking down the stairs, out the front door, and into the night.

"In her particular situation, she was on-duty," said Lee of the agent in question. "She was going to go do something. Without going into detail about what she was doing, it's not uncommon for IRS special agents to work early mornings or late nights."

To reiterate, the IRS would consider you "on duty" while you walked down your block and hopped into a bus or car if you were heading to a job-related endeavor.

This is the first instance of an IRS special agent shooting someone Lee can remember in her 11 years on the job. The suspect, who has not been named, is currently at San Francisco General Hospital with "non life-threatening wounds."

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