IRS Agent Audits Mugger -- With Bullets

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A mugger's got to know his limitations...
An alleged mugger learned the hard way that you don't mess with the IRS.

At around midnight, an on-duty agent with the Internal Revenue Service's criminal investigation division was walking through the 100 block of Marlin Court. The agent was accosted by a pair of would-be muggers, police say. But you don't take money from the IRS. You give it to them. The agent pulled out a pistol and shot at both men, hitting one.

One of the alleged assailants was struck in the torso and booked into General Hospital with "non life-threatening" wounds. The other is purportedly at large.

The agent is currently on paid leave; this morning's shooting will be investigated both criminally and administratively by the IRS, SFPD, and District Attorney's office. That's right -- the agent will be audited.

Update, 11:30 a.m.: Per the San Francisco Police Department crime bulletin, the IRS agent is a 36-year-old Asian woman.

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