S.F. Man Threatens to 'Sell' Woman. SoCal Man Does Worse.

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We've heard stories before of people reporting their exes to immigration officials, but a couple of psycho tales in the news today one-upped that revenge tactic.

In San Francisco, a person reported to police that a 25-year-old female Hispanic friend sent out a desperate text message that she was being held against her will on the 1600 block of Yosemite Avenue by a 40-year-old Hispanic male. The man had commandeered the woman's passport and threatened to "sell" her.

That sounds ugly to be sure, but it is out-crazied handily by an indictment coming out of Southern California for one Greg Denny, a man who "deported" his cousin's wife to the Philippines while posing as a federal marshal. When border agents wouldn't deport her upon Denny's request, Denny took her to the airport and fooled the security staff into letting him escort the woman to the boarding gate.

Greg Denny.jpg
Greg Denny, who spent quality time with his wife while allegedly breaking myriad laws and 'deporting' his relative
Denny's tale of tenacious insanity starts crazy and soon grows maniacal. On January 15, Greg Denny purportedly knocked on Cherriebelle Magada Gabalonos Hibbard's door in Hemet, California, identifying himself as a law-enforcement officer. According to court papers, he proceeded to handcuff her while telling her she was in the United States illegally and he was there to deport her. Denny's wife, Karen, then did a "pat down" of Hibbard in front of her house. But this was no kinky immigration-themed foreplay: The couple drove her to the Murietta Border Patrol Station.

Once there, Greg Denny reportedly identified himself as a U.S. marshal and presented a bogus badge and credentials to the U.S. border patrol agents, stated that he'd picked Hibbard up on a fugitive arrest warrant issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and requested the border patrol take her into custody. The border patrol refused, so the couple took Hibbard to their residence.

Undeterred, the couple contacted Hibbard's husband, Craig, to make sure a plane ticket had been bought for her back to the Philippines (Craig and others say they cooperated because they didn't want to get arrested). The couple then took Hibbard to San Diego International Airport, with Denny allegedly informing his captive during the pleasant ride over that if she didn't leave the country, he would arrest her and her husband and they would go to jail for five years.

Greg Denny escorted Hibbard to the security checkpoint. Once again, he is accused of identifying himself as a U.S. Marshal, presenting his credentials and a badge to the Transportation Security Administration agents, and saying he was escorting a prisoner to a flight. "Security" then, miraculously, let him escort Hibbard to the boarding gate, where she was summarily flown to the Philippines. She's still there. 

Cherriebelle Hibbard remains in the Philippines. Family members claim they didn't protest when Denny took her away due to fear of arrest.
A grand jury indicted Greg and Karen Denny for conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping, and falsely impersonating an officer to make an arrest or search. The jury also indicted Greg Kenny for entering a secure area of an airport on false pretenses, and making false statement to a federal officer.

According to published reports, "In February U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., asked the Department of Homeland Security for documents related to the incident to determine whether TSA staff followed procedures or were poorly trained."

You know, it's possible they were both. The couple is set to appear in court today.

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