Gorillas Play With Boy's Dropped Nintendo at San Francisco Zoo

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Spicuzza Gorilla videogame.jpg
Christina Spicuzza
Curse you, Mario!
Usually, when inappropriate objects go into or out of zoo enclosures at the San Francisco Zoo, the results are not funny. But a laugh-out-loud-and-spit-coffee-on-the-keyboard story just came over the transom involving exactly that.

It all involves a butter-fingered boy, a hand-held Nintendo gaming system, a conveniently stationed professional photographer, and some videogame-loving gorillas.

It all went down on Aug. 6, when a boy who shall remain nameless absent-mindedly dropped his Nintendo DS into the gorilla enclosure. Rather than give it the old luggage test, the curious primates decided to enjoy the luxury of hand-held videogaming technology.

Giving this story the final element it deserves, professional photographer Christina Spicuzza just happened to be on-site, with her camera ready. She captured a series of photographs falling somewhere between 2001 and The Wizard (you can see them all here):

Christina Spicuzza
Go away kid, you're bothering me...

The story ended happily, fittingly enough. The butter-fingered boy got his Nintendo back after a zoo trainer managed to execute an apple-for-DS trade (both sides came out feeling like they got the better end of the deal). Apart from some gorilla spit, the device apparently worked just fine.

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