Free Parking On Way Out for Muni, City Workers

Monopoly Free-parking.jpg
A broke city offering a small army of municipal employees free parking is a situation it appears will cease to exist in December.

Muni workers were informed earlier this month in a memo by Municipal Transportation Agency director Nat Ford that, come the 12th month of the year, they'll have to shell out 80 bucks a month for parking that is currently gratis. Meanwhile, in February, Muni will commence issuing city employees and elected officials $924 yearly permits for city spots that are currently free.

Curtailing city employees' free parking privileges has been on the table for some time -- as has preventing firefighters from leaving their cars strewn around town emblazoned with antiquated permits.

Yet the move against Muni drivers certainly carries the whiff of retribution against the city's most intransigent union. The Transportation Workers Union repeatedly refused to approve give-backs, and took home millions in city charter-mandated raises this month right as a city budget made possible by a quarter of a billion dollars in give-backs from union labor was finalized.

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