New Female Condom Campaign Targets Gay Men in San Francisco. You Read That Right.

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The female condom is awkward.
Cheaper female condoms! Come get yer cheaper female condoms!

Yeah. That's really what's up. A newer, cheaper female condom,  FC2, as in, Female Condom 2 (wildly creative, right?) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2009. It costs about 65 percent less than its unpopular and awkward predecessor, which made public health advocates wonder if these things might now fly off the shelves to protect people from HIV/AIDS.

Here's where the plot really thickens -- no pun intended. The San Francisco Department of Public Health seems less interested in stuffing vaginas with FC2 than gay men's anuses. "Female condoms have long been sought after by some gay men," said San Francicsco's DPH spokeswoman, Eileen Shields. "So I believe it's more about that than teaching and encouraging women to use them."

The FDA has not approved the usage of female condoms for anybody's anus, but gay activist Michael Petrelis has long argued that not only is the female condom safe for the anus, but also pretty fantastic.

Shields anticipates a citywide launch of the FC2 campaign in the fall. More info is available at, but one question remains: Why not rectify the name? Maybe call it something like the Receiver Condom or Catcher in the Pie (hole). Contribute your own nickname in the comments.

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