Decapitated Goats Lead to Reward Offer

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One of the unfortunate animals in question...
If you know who decapitated three goats and left the bodies in full view near San Jose's Alum Rock Park -- and you've been sitting on the information -- perhaps $2,500 might loosen your tongue.

San Rafael's In Defense of Animals is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of whomever slaughtered those goats in what may have been some manner of Santeria ritual.

Ritualistic slaughter of animals happens more often than you'd think, says In Defense of Animals president Scotlund Haisley. His first case as a Humane Department officer in Washington State 20 years ago was a Santeria slaughter. San Jose Animal Control officers have told the media they're investigating whether Saturday's gruesome discovery of the slain goats, their nearby heads, and chicken feathers was the aftermath of some manner of Satanic ceremony.

If Satanists are in San Jose, does that make the South Bay hell?
"It clearly has all the signs of Santeria," said Haisley.

If you're wondering if this sort of thing happens in San Francisco, the answer is -- sort of. Concerns about ritualistic animal slaughter led to then-Supervisor Carole Migden championing a 1993 ordinance that actually forbids the killing of an animal for a deity or God -- unless, of course, you then consume that animal -- within city limits.

"The only ones I've came in contact with was chickens," said Carl Friedman, the head of the city's department of animal care and control from 1988 to 2009. "We don't have too many farm animals in San Francisco like some other communities do."

Usually, Friedman continues, the ritual slaughtering is done behind closed doors and "it's hard to make a case." Leaving the bodies strewn in full public view, as was the case in San Jose, is not par for the course.

Anyone who has anything to tell In Defense of Animals about the goats, incidentally, can contact the group here.

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